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Mr & Mrs. Miller Testimonial
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 January 1999 (original on file)

Melanie Roselle helped us bring our new home dream into reality. We met her after we committed to build a home in Victorian Estates. She helped us pick out all the cabinets, flooring - all matters of interior design.

What a help she was. Melanie has a great sense of talent plus she encourages you to be adventures. I quickly decided to have her help me do the whole house. We shopped together, looked at fabrics and my decision set everything in motion. We were still in Southern California so Melanie went way above the call to get things done before we arrived. I found I could completely rely on her good taste and judgment.

I felt like the Captain on the Star Trek saying, “make it so" and Melanie made it so.

I love her input and look forward to working with her forever.

Jim & Jane Miller