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Lefkowitz Testimonial
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November 30, 2011

Got lucky! Found Melanie and Samantha at Adorn Interiors in Prescott. They truly act as partners in the design and building process, and put a great deal of care and effort into the final product. Almost unheard these days. We've been truly impressed by their passion to get it right.

And even greater, they understand the importance of regular and consistent communication with their client. Calls are always returned. Questions are always answered. Updates are always conveyed in a timely fashion. They make the effort to go the extra mile.

In our case we're re-doing a bedroom/bathroom suite in our home. We've had great appreciation for their knowledge and understanding of current trends and tastes as they relate to our project.

If you are in process of planning a similar update for your home or biz space, call for a get-together. You will see as we did that an affiliation with Adorn Interiors presents itself as a rare, fair and significant opportunity.

Steve Lefkowitz