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Albertson Testimonial
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July 16, 2012

Great Experience!

My husband and I are purchasing a home in Prescott and need help with interior decorating, and perhaps much more. We recently met with Melanie and Samantha of Adorn Interiors to discuss the services we think we’ll need to make our new house a home. We were so pleasantly surprised with the experience.

They listened carefully as we described our anticipated needs and wish list for the house. Their response was very professional and well organized, specifically addressing our individual requirements and answering our questions. Melanie definitetly covered all aspects of their involvement in the potential project, from design concept, creation of drawings and budgets to pulling construction permits if needed. She did an excellent job of outlining the entire process and all the associated fees. The discussion made us very comfortable that there will be no surprises later on. Melanie explained that Adorn Interiors offers an array of services, allowing us the flexibility to customize the project to meet our specific needs. They provide very personalized, individual services and have the resources to manage and oversee as much, or as little, of the project as we’d like. They are also able and willing to coordinate much of the work without us actually being present.

Very important to me was the description of their inclusive approach to working with clients. It made me comfortable that our input will not only be carefully considered but appreciated. Their warm and friendly demeanors made this easy to believe. We have interviewed other firms in the past and were met with a hard sell, sign here, at the end of the presentations. This was definitely not the case at Adorn. We were given the time we required to carefully consider all our options and never felt pressured to make an immediate commitment. As it turns out, it didn’t take us long to enthusiastically choose this firm. We look forward to working closely with Melanie and Samantha on our new home in Prescott.

Mrs. Alberston